Filip Melo (b. 1986 in Fritsla) is a Swedish composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Renaissance and early music has always been a fundament in Melos music, as well as visual art, where colors and shapes are made into musical form. Through meditation and breathing he has formed a concept of his own, called relative music.

Melo begun his studies at Gotlands school of music composition. He holds a Bachelor in composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and a Master form the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Projects includes the electronic music festival SONIC-festival and Musik fr.
Between 2010-2015 he was the chairman of Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM) [Young Nordic Music (UNM)].

Melo is frequently hired as a concert producer and works at Klang-Festival and as a contractor at The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. Since 2015 he also teaches yoga and meditation.